Medical Activity


Charitable Dispensary

A charitable dispensary is run essentially for the poor people who work in the fields and those engaged as casual labourers. Two Homeopathic doctors and two Allopathic doctors offer services in this dispensary providing free consultation; medicines are supplied free of cost to the patients.

Once a month a specialist Allopathic doctor comes from Kolkata to treat the patients.


Free Eye Camp And Blood donation  Camp

We conduct free Eye Camp every month in which 70-75 patients with eye problems are treated free of cost. Patients having cataracts are operated free of cost at an eye hospital in Jamshedpur. Around 200 patients are operated for cataracts every year. Also, we conduct Blood donation  Camp Every Year.


Mobile Medical Service

In an Ambulance , a group of doctors visit the colonies of aboriginal primitive tribes of Birhor, Savar, etc. residing in the outskirts of Ghatshila thrice a week. The villages to which the Mobile Medical Unit visits are: Burudi, Netra, Tumangkocha, Galudih and Putru.

These poor tribal people are subject to malnutrition for want of any vocation available to them and they suffer from various contagious diseases in absence of any other medical help available to them.

The Ambulance also carries sick people from remote areas and taking them to Jamshedpur and Ranchi for hospitalization.